Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Wanita lebih suka MEMBELI BELAH berbanding SEX???

Kalau lelaki memikirkan seks setiap minit, kajian yang melibatkan kaum wanita memberikan hasil yang berbeza. Kajian di barat mendapati tiga per empat wanita muda berusia antara 19 hingga 45 tahun lebih banyak memikirkan tentang barangan yang hendak dibeli ataupun 'shopping' berbanding seks.

Wanita ini memikirkan tentang kegiatan membeli belah sekali setiap 60 saat, berlainan dengan lelaki yang memikirkan aktiviti seks sekali setiap 52 saat. Wah! nampaknya, kegiatan 'shopping' lebih mendapat tempat di hati wanita berbanding seks.

Sudah pasti fakta ini membuatkan golongan 'pemikir seks' atau sang lelaki bertambah risau. Bimbang pasangan sanggup mengetepikan seks bersama mereka semata-mata kerana mahu membeli belah. Jika ini benar sudah pasti ramai lelaki tidak senang hati. Bukan saja bimbang keperluan seksnya tidak dipenuhi tapi juga bimbang memikirkan poket mereka yang semakin nipis kerana hobi si isteri ini.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

A Good Nite's Sleep

14 Steps 2 Bedtime Bliss

**Have a bath before bed. The warm water will raise your body temperature, making u naturally sleepy**

1. Try 2 go 2 bed n get ut at da same time - or within an hour of your usual time.

2. Avoid indulging in daytime naps as they may interfere with your nite-time sleep.

3. Caffeine is a stimulant that is found in coffe n chocolate. Avoid both for several hours before bedtime. experiment 2 c what suits u n your body: some people find caffeine consumed anytime after 10 am is enough 2 prevent them from sleeping.

4. Alcohol n tobacco can also disrupt sleep, so avoid the for3 hours before bedtime. Again, u may need 2 abstain for longer.

5. Try 2 eat at least 3 hours before bedtime so the process of digesting food doesn't keep u awake. If this routine isn't convenient, consider eating your main meal at lunch, n a lighter meal in da evening.

6. If u r a light sleeper, go 2 bed only when u r really tired. U may find that spending less time in bed produces a deeper, more restful sleep.

7. Regular exercise should guarantee a goog nite's sleep, but try 2 complete your workout at least 2 hours before going 2 bed.

8. Establish a calming bedtime ritual, such as meditation or a soak in a warm bath. Add a few drops of relaxing lavender essential oil.

9. Ensure your bedromm is comfortable, dark n free of clutter.

10. If your bedroom is noisy, buy a 'white noise' machine 2 block out external noise, or play New Age music very sofly.

11. Watch your fluid intake at nite. If u do go to da toilet after bedtime, don;t turn da lights on. They can signal 'daylight' 2 da pineal gland, halting melatonin production n making it impossible 2 go back 2 sleep.

12. if u r on any medication, check 2 c whether there r side effects that include insomnia. If there r, ask your doctor about different drugs or consider natural alternatives.

13. Use your bedroom only for sleeping. Set aside another time n place for planning, thinking n worrying so u r less likely 2 toss n turn at nite.

14. Sex does not always act like a sleeping draught. U may find it so stimulating that u stay awake for hours.